Running an exchange you get a lot more info about who is doing what, so it's always interesting to see others people's interpretation of events vs my own. It doesn't look like snow has ever been wash traded. No way to know for certain, a small group could sign up and verify multiple accounts or w/e, but occam's razor suggests not
so your vantage point makes the previous coinciding-with-intense-shilling pump with over 10 BTC daily volumes and the following dump after which daily volumes have been under 1 BTC seem more like just a simple dump based on needing to pay off cloud mining bills?
the volume spike got my attention there in regards to 'something is off' and 'probably not organic money flow there'
from my point of view it checked enough many of the checkboxes of how pump and dump groups operate, including having one of the most known operators in that space being publicly named (posts signed in the name of twu) on the shilling side of it - which can of course have also just be someone trolling in the name of that person
Yea, probably a dump. Its interesting to try to analyze. Probably 80% of the volume was done by 10-15 users. Possibly the shilling was organized by the bigger sellers. But on the other hand, any time there is a ton of buy pressure pushing the price up I'd expect to see big holders take note and possibly sell some - whether its miners paying costs, traders taking profit, etc.
the interesting bit there is the price was almost unaffected after a while, when the normal market resumed, but reading too much into low volumes is silly as a single purchase of ~100usd moved the market ~20% just recently
Lol you don't know the 'normal' market has resumed for a while though, so it makes sense that the perceived value would remain close to what it was recently trading for. I'd be curious to see how the trendlines match up with more liquid markets
glad you’re also enjoying the show instead of just being in for the accelerated hair loss
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