and surely enough, my nightly cronjob of curl and grep on 4chan biz catalog, which has been quiet for a while, has matched - not gonna look into what is going on there, but probably nothing too surprising
please give the link
i just know there is at least one thread on there which matches both snow and qtrade case insensitive, it does not return the url for me
but a quick visual browse of /biz/catalog should yield you the thread
and done via multiline matching via pcregrep on a concatenation of all the threads in plain html in case you’re wondering
they seem to like the tree picture
@Rotonen I'm really critical of my pictures. I didn't even get the chance to correct the color.
It's redshifted because I removed the infrared filter from my DSLR CCD.
heh, I just liked it
it is pretty without raising expectations