WTS @3.25 $
WTB @ 1$ , WTS @ 5$ any amount
buy low, sell high :wink:
Take what I say with a grain of salt, but my last trades seen lead me to estimate the last 24hour average at ~$2.70
WTS 2000+ @3.50$
WTB @ 2.50 | PM me now. First come first serve
WTB @ 2 | Ping me
Willing to sex for Snow, PM Me.
wait,, did i just solicit prostitution?
that's the way i interpreted that post too....
100 fucks for $3 Ill take it
I can understand if it was called spank or hot but « snow » ? :thinking_face:
The coin so hot that you need to rub snow on your junk
Yeah lol
I have poison ivy on my junk right now, I could use some snow to rub on it
I also have it in my eye and its almost swollen shut, I should go to do the dr
And yet you are here
Is it possible for three SNOW to pay a whoring?
not a good one
Very satisfied
@Shoots take a bath or go to sauna, heat and solvents (like water) help
hmm I have a sauna, maybe Ill jump in there
good trade discussion boys
@Ya_Mon commented on @Shoots’s file https://snowblossom.slack.com/files/UB2RDK43X/FBD8EP8MT/image.png: great minds Freudian slip alike
Speaking of SNOW and fucking...
John Snow just got married and is now at his honeymoon.
but how does it handle inflation?
It's a SNOW, a model.
WTS 1000 @ $4 PM me offers
@Shoots It's too cheap, a SNOW at least WTS$100
hell, I'll sell for $100
WTB @ $1.50, any amount PM me
anyone here would be willing to buy for $1.50. good luck
Well -- mining at the current hash rate, I am getting about cost of .50 ... so 3x over that ... sure, why not ...
I highly doubt you're mining at the cost of $.5 today. And if so why are you wanting to buy? Just increase your hr
Well, I'm not using google pre-emptible (pricey by about 3x more) if that's what you mean ...
If you know where to look, you can find dedicated servers with enough ram to put everything into ramdisk.
And the reason you don't rent more* out by the month is that you aren't guaranteed that hashrate is going to skyrocket.
So yes, i have a few servers that i have 256 gb of ram for 125 a month and the average price is less than 50 cents.
And the reason, as i said, you don't get more is because it's a gamble that hashrate doesn't go way too much higher.
I'm doing the same. And while it may have been that cheap. Its not that cheap now. Difficulty is too high
Well -- maybe i'm using incorrect numbers. What is blocktime (supposed to be)?
10min, but it's still adjusting down from a burst
OK. So 144 blocks a day.
I just looked at the last few days and was using 5 minutes / block -- as that seemed to be average.
But it's supposed to 10 minutes per block ... then my calculations are off by half.
Anyway, after (properly) recalculating ... I get slightly over .60 a coin.
So buying at 1.80$ / snow :wink:
is that so Mr. complexring. Seems like you know your numbers and i beem getting jipped.
since i dont mine.. i wouldnt know any better :disappointed:
ok, with thay said i am lowering my buy price to $1.85
My name doesn't imply anything about math abilities.
Or being in that arena of acedemia.
Isn't a ring some sort of thing where there is a mapping of elements but with the operation applies the result is also always on the ring?
It is closed.
You have 2 operations.
Normally denoted as * and +
so, why did you come on here in lie about your math abilities?
I said the name doesn't imply anything about math abilities, not that I don't have them.
haha, fine
1 is normally the multiplicative identity. And 0 the additive identity.
whats 2+2*2 ?
Wait, i'm thinking of fields
Maybe these snow can be a type of field.
you're inching on an eigenvector there
damnit, i have to go look up the definition of a ring again
yeah, simplify my matrix
it makes me hot
linear algebra was a long time ago for me
May as well start talking about manifolds.
As in, "Man, I fold"
@Fireduck take solace in every weird offset-rendering bug you currently see in chrome being an artefact of them failing at gaussing the transformation matrix
@Fireduck they're on a very good roll with those lately
gaussian is when you put a large mexican hat on something, right?
OK -- now i remember, fields have multiplicative inverses except for the additive identity and rings have no multiplicative inverses (although, they may have additional structure that gives them this)
or ... maybe not
frak me, i forget
grad school was long ago
who cares
yeah, I have no clue
only useful in some area of cryptography
come on guys.. english please
no, you're correct, that's also actually why quantum field theory -> string theory
Ya, there's lots of structure in how particles interact.
Which satisfies weird group actions.
This is why discord has a WTS and wtb thread only lol
But who wants to be at the center of a group action?
with that ... buying at 1.85 + epsilon