Here's my address 40jtunwpwl7p92mvruddtr6c9ut7d2h8luwj7y8e
Can I get some drizzle
@Fireduck Thank you
no problem
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struggling with wallet would love a drizzle
@PAPACABEZA that address doesn't validate
man. It's windows 2008 r2, I can't cut/paste from that terminal window.
@PAPACABEZA you can actually can
windows is just annoying. right click the icon in the menu bar on the far upper left, "edit -> mark" select an area. Goto the icon again "edit -> copy"
something like that
Yes, I just now figured out that "mark" option, thank you. But the address matches! I had typed it right.
What does it mean that it's not validating?
@PAPACABEZA it means whatever you typed up doesn't match. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Fireduck if my address isn't validating, is there a common thing to do to fix that?
@PAPACABEZA type it correctly
preferably paste it. :smile:
OK here's another try, it's cut/pasted
@PAPACABEZA check it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sweet there's 1.23 there now. So node, wallet and miner seem to be working . . . just a matter of letting it rock for a while?
Ok super cool. Also I have no idea how much 1.23 is worth or what the convention is in this case, Should I send it back? Make it rain on others? What's the etiquette here?
@PAPACABEZA :stuck_out_tongue: I sent you that as a test amount. It demonstrates it works. It doesn't really have worth yet. If you're not ever going to use it, you can send it back, but hopefully it's worth something in the future.
Cool, thank you.
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can someone send me some dust (or maybe more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)? want to check if my address works :slightly_smiling_face: snow:7lnlw590khfpw7j92umh98m0quguwerxj4efmrtq
on mainnet
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someone send me for testing :slightly_smiling_face: snow:udw5x49kf3ptpwhv05cq8x8elfu8qkm4mzm5xy44